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not punk. and?

Okay, so I think we have all established that Avril Lavigne is not punk. There is not much you can say against that. She isn't punk.


In every Avril debate I see, this is the only argument against her. Well, so what if she isn't punk? Is punk the only good music out there? Does she suck just because she's not punk, but poprock or whatever you want to label her? It doesn't make sense to me, and it doesn't get the discussion much further either.

So I'm asking you Avril-haters to give me arguments against Avril that don't involve punk. At all. Tell me what you don't like about her music. Tell me what you don't like about her. But keep your mouth shut about punk, because I've heard it a thousand times already.
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Did you not read what I said about her?
Scroll down, you dork. It had very little to do with her not being punk.
aah, but she did claim to be punk. And, even if she does not come right out and say it, it's obvious she WANTS to be labeled punkrock, hardcore, or something of the sort.

But anyway, to start off, she's just plain fucking annoying. No, it's not cool seeing 10 year olds and teens alike strutting into hottopic and coming out with ties and $60 bondage pants. With this, "oh, look at me. I listen to Avril and she's cool so therefore I am cool! Look! I'm shopping at hottopic!!1" type vibe. It's not cool when you see EVERYONE dressed like Avril for fucking halloween.

Aside from this, there's also the fact her music sucks ass, and just her as a music artist. Her music is shitty. She wouldn't be half as famous as she is now if it weren't for that image the record business created for her. "I have a GREAT new idea! Let's get some girl and throw a guitar at her, and dress her up in some clothes a stereotypical punk would wear! We'll write all her songs, and pass it off to make it look like she wrote them, and the best part is, this has never really been done before! She's something new to the pop industry, and we'll make millions." In short, Avril Lavigne's just this big marketing tool that rakes in millions off of girls who listen to her music, buy her crap, etc. It's a shame she can't sing very well live, or even sing at all. Oh yeah, and I love how she strums a few chords in the Comlpicated video, and then proceeds to smash it. Pity. A brand new guitar.

Hmm... her personality she gives off bugs me alot. Countless times I've heard and read she was stuck up, and what, bitches at her own fans? Oh, my bad, only the "preppy</b>" fans are worth screaming at. Well, she's a stuck up hypocrite along with being a liar.

At first she had claimed she didn't know who the Sex Pistols were, then later, called herself, "..this generation's Sid Vicious."

I don't agree with the first part, because you can't blame an artist for what the fans do. Avril doesn't make her fans dress like her, and I've heard that she even dislikes it. But later she denied that she ever said that, so I don't know what to believe there.

I partly agree with the second part. She's a marketed pop artist, that's true. For me that's no reason to dislike her, as there are thousands of artists like that and some of them actually make good music. But I can see why others would dislike her for it.

I've heard her live and I didn't think it was that bad. Sure, she doesn't have a brilliant voice, but I've definitely heard worse.

Her personality bugged me too when I first heard of her. I think you have to keep her age in mind here. She became a worldstar at a really young age. You might say age is no excuse, but older and wiser people have been thrown off by sudden fame. By creating a simple punk image she got something to hold on to. Judging from some recent interviews, she seems to have grown up. She sounds a lot more mature.
"I partly agree with the second part. She's a marketed pop artist, that's true. For me that's no reason to dislike her, as there are thousands of artists like that and some of them actually make good music. But I can see why others would dislike her for it."

Yeah, I've heard her live once too. And I judged her live performance. (Not in an anti-avril type way, but with an open mind.) I was disappointed with what I heard. Her voice didn't sound anything like that on the recordings of all her singles. It sounded lower, and more (bad) country-ish than pop. Infact it still sounds like that. Anyway, once again, she barely played that goddamn guitar. Which is really annoying when it just... hung there.

As for her personality, I really think she's a bitch. Stuck up and snobby, too. And I really don't think her age even played a factor in it, either. And I have my reasons. But now I'm going to go eat my dinner, suckaa.
She became famous when she was.. what? 17/18? If you're going to give her credit for taking publicity so well, then you might as well give it to the Hansons because surely, they've done a much better job. But you're right.. she has matured a bit, and about time too.

She was not marketed as a pop star. If she were, I don't think that anyone would have a problem with her.. because that is exactly what her music is: POP! BUT have you ever heard her agree with that statement? 'I was born to rock. I was born to roll. Rock'n'Roll. I see myself as a rock chic so when they refer to me as a pop chic I'm like noooooo.' No, when she first came out, her rode on the punk trend and then denied it.. now, she's just some rocker who could barely play the guitar. I think that if she just kept her mouth shut and sang, she'd definitely do a lot better. But I agree, there is nothing wrong with punk, pop, pop/rock, rock, etc.
i mostly agree.
dude..your so right.........

god...finally...dude you should get that'd sum up all the bullshit..etc. good job ;)
How about this:

Her music and lyrics suck. She's a poetically and gramatically stunted moron that should definately not be proud of the music she writes. Her lyrics offer nothing but shallow rants about love, popularity, and "being who you really are" (which by the way is completely idiotic concidering everything about her is an act).

A computer sings her songs, or so it seems. If said comment is not true, I would not be trying to make my way in the music business if I were her. Her voice is less than medocre and she's an even bigger fool for claiming that Britney's voice is horrible when they both have nasel and annoying qualities.

Overall there is nothing interesting about someone as idiotic and psuedo as she is. Her song "Complicated" which is about her getting mad at people that aren't themselves pisses me off because she is not herself. She is faking everything, thats how people seem to get famouse these days.
omg i so totally know what you mean i know she is a poser and sings about being punk! her and hillary duff are so fucking annoying!
Haha, I highly disagree. Her music and voice, may suck. But I don't see how you can say her lyrics do. There are a few songs, that I know -EVERYONE- relates to every once and a while. Some of them revolve around being betrayed. And if you're going to say, you've never been backstabbed or betrayed, you're either a) lying. Or b) very blind. I also don't think you can say her lyrics suck, when you probably haven't seen all of the lyrics of hers. Another thing, you're going on about how she is "grammatically stunted" when you can't even spell a simple word such as "Mediocre" and "Considering" right. However, congrats on using the word "psuedo" in the correct way.
Oh! Well that changes my view on her completely! She sings about being BETRAYED? As if that makes a difference, sweetheart. Singing about betrayal is still a form of complaint, though it may be a universal experience, as you said, it's sad that today people have to resort to whining to sell records. I've seen a handfull of her lyrics and those are probably a good indication to how the rest of them are...they're very straight forward and use little to no poetical devises (metaphores, similies etc.) but hey, she does have rhyme and meter down. She is grammatically stunted, have you heard her talk? I'm not even going to touch on your insult to me, all I'll say is that I'm sorry that I don't use live journal spell check like you.
Nah, I don't use a spell check, I'd let you know if I did however. And I guarantee you, if you go through an album of someone, 90% of the time, there -will- be a lyric about stuff like that. You'd rather have lyrics about-- "MY LOVE IS SO SWEET, La la la. Everything is peachy keen." when the world isn't like that? Face reality. Are you sure she uses no poetic stuff? Here's a little advice "sweetheart". Go download Nobody's Fool. Then come back to me, and tell me that same sentence you just told me. I suggest you know what you are talking about, before you say something asinine such as that.


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If she even wrote those songs.
All of her songs either revolve around being betrayed or being in love. It's getting old. She needs to sing about something else. Her lyrics do suck and her voice is rather annyoing.
avril claims to write all of her music but in the credits they always list a co writer of some sort. there's one reason...i don't want to waste my time typing the rest.

yay avril.... haha not really.
no punk isnt the only good music out there and her music would be okay if she wasnt a bitch to all her fans and she didnt say that she was a hardcore punk she isnt punk and says she is and she cant skateboard! she is a poser and needs to get over heslef
I'm getting into this post's debate quite late, but here is something for you:
My uncle is in a band, band name undisclosed for various reasons. He had a party. Avril was there. All she did the whole freaking time was complain about how this person and this other person didn't like her and she started crying over stupid shit on multiple occassions. I was nice to her, I tried to talk to her but she ended up being a bitch and getting kicked out of the party. I admit, the girl (despite popular belief) does have talent. If she didn't have some inkling of talent she wouldn't have so many damned fans out there. Yes, I don't like her singing, yes I don't like the whole situation....BUT I also have the maturity to say YES the girl has talent. I don't consider myself anti-avril just as I don't consider myself pro-avril. I just think that we should lay both sides to rest. No matter how much debate there is on the situation it won't change how many of us are/aren't fans and it won't change anything. It will just cause more fighting and more fighting until both sides hate each other because of one different view rather than embrace each other on the views we share.

Lace Dynamite
OH LORD! That story just shows how immature she is/was, depending on the time frame. Talent is one thing but it is not the only thing in show business (take William Hung for instance, but let's not get into that). The reason that Avril is so disliked is not because of her voice, talent (or lack of) but because of her ATTITUDE.

If she gets her story straight and stopped contradicting herself as pointing out by earlier posts, she would not come off like such an idiot.

Besides, it's entertainment. Did she really think that people would just accept her with open arms because she bashed Britney Spears? She brought the hate on first by dissing other artists as if she were about to change the music industry. NO. She's part of it and she has made it worse.
I meant pointed, instead of pointing.
Heh, I agree. However, it's -always- good to knock down barriers, even if people dont' like it, it opens other peoples eyes. And...tell me. Are you -NO- different from Avril, by bashing her? Just like she bashed Britney? I think it's kind of funny you're saying SHE'S contradicting herself, when clearly you're the one doing it here.
And how am I contradicting myself? By criticizing her? I never said that DON'T criticize people, everyone does. However, I think that it's stupid to make a big show of it -the Britney bashing- and then get all pissy when people start criticizing her. That's contradictary.
Haha, I'm glad to see atleast someone is mature about it. People normally have some shred of talent, if they make it into the business world. I've also read an interview, about how Avril and her gang abused some guy interviewing her, and they made fun of him and supposedly threw stuff on him. However, I really don't know if this is true or not.


June 15 2004, 14:35:12 UTC 13 years ago

Who really cares if she isn't punk? Punk sucks anyway, it's so pretentious and horrible. I'd much rather listen to pop or *shudder* Avril Lavigne.

"I created punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. That's what I do. I'm like a Sid Vicious for a new generation. People look up to me and want to be me. And that's fine, just don't try to copy the sh** I do!"

she claims she is punk she is not i dislike people who claim 2 b wt they are not

now moving onto the music

she cannot play guitar as she claims she can. her songs are whiny her lyrics shallow. i personally dont like punk that much, but i respect it and hate 2 see it sinned against. the reason it is bad that she thinks shes punk is that other ppl think she is punk 2. people who love avril along side britney are convinced they are totally punk rawk! not that i care much but it seems to cause them physical pain when they are beaten.

kurt lives on forever
wait, you're a nirvana fan but you dont like punk? dude, Nirvana was a punk band (and dont say they were a "grunge" band, the "grunge" bands HATED the label)