Lydia (luna_puella) wrote in avril_antipunk,

not punk. and?

Okay, so I think we have all established that Avril Lavigne is not punk. There is not much you can say against that. She isn't punk.


In every Avril debate I see, this is the only argument against her. Well, so what if she isn't punk? Is punk the only good music out there? Does she suck just because she's not punk, but poprock or whatever you want to label her? It doesn't make sense to me, and it doesn't get the discussion much further either.

So I'm asking you Avril-haters to give me arguments against Avril that don't involve punk. At all. Tell me what you don't like about her music. Tell me what you don't like about her. But keep your mouth shut about punk, because I've heard it a thousand times already.
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